Software Selection

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Software Selection

Whether your organization is searching for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Service Relationship (CRM), SaaS, or other software solution, the Dyme Group can assist you with your selection process. At the Dyme Group, we pride ourselves on independence. Our unbiased software selection methods have helped many our clients select a modern solution that best enables their business success.

Our combined vendor research, industry expertise, and intimate knowledge of your business, which we accomplish through our requirements gathering process, will help you conduct an independent technology evaluation designed around your future-state needs.

The Dyme Group is the right choice for your software selection and vendor evaluation. Our software selection methodology stands by the following guiding principles:

  • Future Focused. The new software should not just replicate old ways of doing business. Our approach begins with an evaluation of current business processes.  We compare them to best business practices, understanding how your business is changing, what the new software must do to your scaling business.
  • Focus on Key Requirements. To fully understand your business, our software selection consultants focus on your organization's key requirements and differentiators.    In our initial vendor qualification, we structure the into a concise Request for Information (RFI).  The Request for Proposal (RFP) comes towards the end of the process, once you have short-listed your vendors
  • Efficiently Short-Listing. Many companies make the mistake of starting their software selection process by beginning with the vendors. The Dyme Group consultants shorten the list of vendors into a qualification process to align you to the right solution without taking up huge amounts of time.
  • Evaluate Implementation Consultants. Too many software projects fail, not because the customer chooses the wrong software, but because the implementation partner is not qualified. Our vendor evaluation and reference-checking process ensure that not only do you have the right software, but also have the right implementation partner
  • Absolute Independence. It is essential to stay objective during the software selection process.  This is why our software selection consultants have complete and total independence when assisting you with your software selection. 

has your company outgrown its current enterprise software platform?

Let our software selection experts help guide you through the system selection process.
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OUr Software Selection Approach

The Dyme Group software selection process was built from decades of experience.   Our formalized methods and tools enable our team to deliver cost-effective services.   At the Dyme Group, we adapt our methods and tools to each client’s unique project.  The following outlines our software selection approach.

I. Discovery
Software Selection Preparation
Review/Document Current Software and Infrastructure
Identify/Document Company Locations, Departments and User Roles
Identify Key Functional Areas & Leads
Project Definition
Define Project Objectives - Driven by Key Executives
Identify/Document Project Constraints (Technology, People, Process)
Identify/Document any key project timeline goals or constraints
Functional Discovery
Review Current Business Processes  (Score, Gaps, Areas of Pain)
Document Current Business Processes and Key Requirements
Document Future Software Requirements - Key Functionality
Score/Rank Key Requirements
Review and Approve Requirements
Technical Discovery
Review/Document Current Software/Infrastructure Footprint
Review/Document Current Hardware
Review/Document Future Hardware Requirements
Review 3rd Party Integrations
Data Discovery
Initial Discovery
Master Data Discovery - Document Data Counts for Master Data
Transactions Data Discovery - Document Data Counts for Transactional Data
II.  Define Vendor Selection Process
Define Vendor RFP Process & Timing
Define Vendor RFP Process
Define RFP Format & Content
Define Vendor Response Format
Define Software Selection Criteria
Define Vendor Evaluation Criteria
Create a Weighted Vendor Score Card
Define Must Have and Would Like To Have List
Define Key Demo Criteria
Define Key Functionality for Vendors to Demo
Finalize Request for Proposal
Update & Finalize RFP
III.  Vendor Demos & Selection
Identify List of Vendors
Identify List of Vendors meeting core functional and technical requirements
Contact Vendors for an initial software introduction & licensing review
Schedule Initial Software Reviews
Review Software w/ Vendors
Schedule Detailed Demos
Send Vendors Demo Requirements and Scripts
Schedule Vendors Demos
Vendors Deliver Company Focused Demo
Short List Vendors
Short List Vendors based on evolution criteria
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Send out RFP to Vendors
Receive RFP from Vendors
Evaluate RFP based on Score Card and Response
Vendor Selection
Select Vendor Based on Evaluation Criteria